Copyright Registration Consultants in Delhi

Copyright Registration Consultants in Delhi

Copyright is like a license acknowledged by law for the authors. It is a form of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) that covers the provisions related to inter alia, rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation, and translation of the original piece of work. Any individual who is an author of literary or dramatic work, musical work, artistic composition, portrait, cinematographic movie, sound recording, IT-related Programming & web content can claim copyright.

A corporate cannot be acknowledged as an author of any original piece. However, it can fit the role of the owner of that content if the author produces that piece while working as an employee of that company.

If you are an author or a Delhi-based firm who is seeing to guard its intellectual property, you might desire to see a highly experienced Copyright attorney in Delhi. Get connected with one of the best copyright registration company in delhi, ‘Poonam Sharma’ and her law firm.

NirPal Lawyers is a copyright registration company in delhi that provides you a unit of experts & advisors who possess both multidisciplinary knowledge and decades of experience handling Intellectual property matters across various jurisdictions in the Copyright registration industry and execute the entire process in a hassle-free way. We render end-to-end consultancy until the copyright registration process is not fully settled.

Copyright Registration Consultants in Delhi
Copyright Registration Consultants in Delhi

Best Copyright Registration Consultants in Delhi

Founded in 2021, NirPal Lawyers is a self-reliant firm with the best online copyright registration consultants in delhi. Our multidisciplinary background experts seamlessly provide their expertise & assistance in copyright attorney, registration, consultancy, hearing cases against copyright infringement on behalf of our clients who are investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, bank managers in their respective sectors.

To file a copyright petition, one is required to provide the following documents:-

  • Name, Address proof, and Nationality proof of the applicant
  • Three copies of the original piece of work
  • The caption of the original work
  • Author’s details and death certificate in case of death of the author
  • Publisher’s name/Name of the Publishing House or company
  • First Publication date & place
  • A signed document copy of the Power of attorney on a __Rs. Stamp Paper
  • NOC from the author in case the applicant is not the original author

We engage in the legal verification process of documents to make them look authentic. Our Delhi-based law consultancy firm further assists you in securing notarization & apostillisation of documents and statutory permission & sanctions from multiple administrative agencies and government departments.

As a proficient service provider known for copyright registration in delhi, India we offer the following services which include:

  • Copyright application & documentation filing and completion in India
  • Performing regular searches to discover infringement
  • Assignment, licensing, and transfer of copyright
  • Copyright Infringement opinion and strategies
  • Civil suits & criminal actions in case of copyright infringement
  • Copyright assignment & licensing agreements
  • Copyright audit, valuation during acquisition & merging
  • Inspection of copyright assignment & documents content to give our recommendations on title & ownership that sounds right
  • Providing legal advice in case of copyright Disputes

In India, the procedure for registration of trademarks constitutes complex legal activities that could be managed only by specialists. We abide by the strict principles, thereby supplementing benefit to our client through a compressed, cost-effective & powerful method. Our IT team members & law advisors are multi-skilled who deliver excellent expertise and assistance concerning issues of Intellectual property.

NirPal Lawyers’ team aims to ensure strict compliance with relevant regulations while ensuring that the business needs of the clients are addressed in an optimum manner. Having started our journey on the cutthroat competitive Indian soil, we’re constantly pushing our service closer to the worldwide market. Our copyright registration consultants in delhi are wholly devoted to the punctual shipping of quality solutions & clarifications to sustain our superior and ethical standards.


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