Divorce Settlement Agreement in Hyderabad

Divorce Settlement Agreement in Hyderabad

The divorce settlement agreement is an essential document that is designed at the request of the divorcing husband & wife who intend to discard their marriage bond based on a mutual settlement with clarity on all matters to rule out any dispute related to child custody & maintenance, alimony, and the division of property in the future. The marital division is legally done after demanding a petition at court and receiving Judicial dissolution of the marriage bond.

Divorce Settlement Agreement in Delhi
Divorce Settlement Agreement in Delhi


The Indian Divorce Act was sketched into the Indian legal policy in the year 1869. In India, divorce practices and arrangements alter according to the religious community of the spouses.

  • Section 13 B of the ‘Hindu Marriage Act, 1955’ is executed on married spouses who are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs.
  • For Muslim couples ‘Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939’ is relevant & for Parsis ‘Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936’ is taken into attention.
  • Section 28 of the ‘Special Marriage Act, 1954’ is realized on all married spouses belonging to different religions, castes, NRIs, etc.
  • Section 10 A of the ‘Indian Divorce Act, 1869’ is executed on married Couples belonging to Christianity.

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We aid our clients (belonging to an individual or corporate, governmental, or non-governmental bodies) in preparing replies that address and resolve the dispute in the best way. We even supervise them for additional progress of the petition, rendering end-to-end consultancy throughout the whole legal hearing, notarization of records, and receiving statutory support & sanctions from various administrative & government bodies. Our law consultancy services are easily accessible in all major Indian cities.

One of the Best Divorce Settlement Agreement in Hyderabad

Founded in 2021, NirPal Lawyers is a modern-day self-ruling firm rendering its services at multi-jurisdictional legal obstacles through our best law Consultants in Hyderabad. Our team of specialists is highly responsive to the needs of clients and has navigated thousands of clients even in complex legal systems and obstacles. Our firm provides its surveillance in the field of the Divorce settlement, Consultation on issues of complicated tax and accounting matters, arbitration in affairs of financial debates & child support, and other related spheres. 

We provide legal assistance in the documentation system to compose the writings more factually and authentically. 


  1. Address proof of husband & wife is to be submitted
  2. A marriage certificate is to be submitted
  3. Four passport size photographs of the marriage of spouses are to be submitted
  4. Evidence proving spouses are living separately for more than a year is required
  5. Details of the profession are to be submitted
  6. Data related to family history is required
  7. Property & assets details owned by the petitioner is required

Our law attorney team keeps transparency & precise manner throughout the legal procedure providing an upper hand to our clients. We strongly believe in maintaining Confidentiality and work towards Result Oriented Solutions. Our IT members & licensed advisors provide their aggressive & cost-effective consultancy services at almost all legal sectors along with negotiations regarding matters of the divorce settlement agreement.

  • We design the best contract for our clients after simplifying all aspects associated with child custody & support issues, child visiting, financial planning, etc.
  • We encourage the divorcing client to put their emotions & feelings out of the divorce process and concentrate on planning for a better future and further aid in outlining the final legal agreement documents, the terms of the divorce, and settlement conditions.
  • Our family law attorney is well-trained to help the spouses to arrive at a just contract on divorce subjects and can decrease their expenses.
  • for financial assistance to the child’s future and get custody of the child
  • We make sure that the signed contract is fair, cost-effective, and covers all factors such as assets, incomes, living costs, child care & livelihood cost, taxes, medical & health insurance fees, etc.

NIRPAL LAWYERS is known for providing clients with smart & secure online legal services related to divorce settlement agreement service in Hyderabad. Our versatile unit of skilled advocates is duly registered under the Bar Council Of India possessing a high level of educational qualification along with years of experience in their definite field of law.

Our team of divorce settlement agreement consultant in Hyderabad regularly appear before the district & high courts for multiple legal hearings. We believe in providing superior legal services at an affordable charge. We follow up our goals within the framework of legal laws & regulations keeping in mind the financial context and clients’ demands.  We are dedicated to providing high-quality solutions along with reliable interpretations to maintain our superior ethical standards.

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