Divorce Settlement Agreement in West Bengal

Divorce Settlement Agreement in west bengal

The divorce settlement agreement is an important document that is composed at the request of the divorcing spouses who intend to eliminate their marriage bond based on a mutual settlement with precision on all issues to rule out any dispute related to child custody & support, alimony, and the distribution of property in the future. The separation is legally done after applying for a petition at court and getting Judicial dissolution of the marriage bond.

Divorce Settlement Agreement in Delhi
Divorce Settlement Agreement in Delhi


The Indian Divorce Act was drafted into the Indian legal policy in the year 1869. In India divorce customs and methods alters according to the religious community of the spouses.

  • Section 13 B of the ‘Hindu Marriage Act, 1955’ is implemented on married spouses who are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs.
  • For Muslim couples ‘Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939’ is suitable & for Parsis ‘Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936’ is taken into consideration.
  • Section 28 of the ‘Special Marriage Act, 1954’ is implemented on all married spouses belonging to different religions, castes, NRIs, etc.
  • Section 10 A of the ‘Indian Divorce Act, 1869’ is implemented on married Couples belonging to Christianity.

It is always suggested to get the assistance of a proficient lawyer as they are well versed with the laws related to the subject, review all the points & sort them out in writing.

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Authorized in 2021, NirPal Lawyers is an autonomous firm rendering its services at multi-jurisdictional legal obstacles through our best law Consultants in West Bengal. Our team of experts has continuously provided their supervision & legal assistance to our clients in the realm of the Divorce settlement, Consultation on issues of complicated tax and accounting matters, arbitration in affairs of financial debates & child support, etc.

We engage ourselves personally in the legal documentation procedure to compose the papers more factually and authentically.


  1. Address proof of husband & wife
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Four passport size photographs of the marriage of spouses
  4. Evidence proving spouses are living separately for more than a year
  5. Details of the profession
  6. Data related to family history
  7. Property & assets details owned by the petitioner

Our law attorney team maintains a transparency & precision system throughout the legal procedure providing an upper hand to our clients even in complex legal situations. Our IT members & licensed advisors provide their powerful & cost-effective consultancy services in the most demandable legal sectors as well as legal contracts and agreements concerning matters of a divorce settlement agreement.

  • We compose the best contract for our clients after clarifying all aspects related to child custody & support issues, child visiting, financial planning, etc.
  • We support the divorcing client to put their sentiments out of the divorce process and focus on planning for a better future and further aid in drafting the final legal agreement documents, the terms of the divorce, and settlement requirements.
  • Our family law advocates are well-trained to cooperate with the spouses to arrive at a just settlement on divorce subjects and can decrease your expenses.
  • Strive for monetary aid to the child’s future and get custody of the child
  • We make sure that the signed agreement is fair, economical, and covers all factors such as assets, incomes, living costs, child care & livelihood cost, taxes, medical & health insurance payments.

NIRPAL LAWYERS presents you with smart & secure online legal services of divorce settlement agreement in west bengal. We have a versatile unit of skilled advocates who holds a high level of educational qualification along with special training & years of experience in their definite field of law.

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