Trademarks are artistic creations that we create in the form of unique and special signs that can be used to identify products under a particular brand. These can include pictures, logos, or words as well as expressions.

Trademark helps us differentiate between similar products. Trademarks and their rights to them are protected by 1999’s Trademark Act. This Act protects users from infringement. This Act regulates the trademark Registration Company in Delhi process in the country.

Indian Trademark Registration Procedure

  • Online Trademark search todetermine if your chosen brand logo pre-exists, you will need to conduct a thorough Trademark Search.
  • The TM classification: Once you have searched the portal, your TM must be assigned a classification. There are 45 different classifications based on services and goods.
  • Trademark application: The applicant must draft an Application in order to file for TM registration according to the Act.
  • Exam Report: The next Examination Report will be issued in three to one year. The Back Log of the Registry will determine the time frame.
  • Response to the examination report: Within one month of receipt, a reply must be filed to the Examination Report.
  • Advertisement in Indian Trademarks Journal: This application is published in the Trademarks Journal to encourage Opposition from any other users who may claim it as theirs. The application will be granted TM registration if no opposition is filed within the four-month period of publication in Trademark Journal.

How can we help you?

Many applicants find the entire process overwhelming. It requires great attention to detail. Online Legal India (TM) can help. We will not only provide 360 deg legal support, but we can also help you to choose the Industry Standard Trademark Designs for your brand.

Online Legal India (TM) has a panel of trademark specialists who will help you to file for your Online Trademark Registration Consultants in Delhi.

How do I register a Digital Signature Certificate to Trademark?

Trademarks are your exclusive property. You can use a specific logo, slogan, shape, packaging, or another item that gives your brand an identifiable identity.

To file a trademark there are some prerequisites for applying online. You will need a Class 3 Category Certificate to e-file a Trademark Application in India. This article will discuss the benefits of using DSC to file a Trademark Application.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity and ownership of the holder via a secured key (USB). Digital Signature is a digital signature that imitates a handwritten signature. It uses asymmetric cryptography to achieve the same security properties as a paper signature. It works in the same way as a Passport or Addhar Card.

Digital Signature Certificates: Documents required

  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport Photographs

What does DSC mean in Trademark Registration?

Trademarks are governed by India’s Trademark Act 1999. The Indian office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks issues the regulations. The Department of industrial promotion allows for a comprehensive efiling.

Digital Signature Certificate for Individuals, Companies, and Organizations (DSC) is mandatory for anyone who wants to participate or to fill out an online form for Trademarks, patents, tenders, and other related matters.

Benefits of using a DSC

  • You can save time: Digital Signature Certificate allows businesses to save time and money by signing off documents and contracts with just a click.
  • Economic: Companies often see significant cost savings with very little to no ink, paper, or scanning costs.
  • Workflow efficiency: The management and tracking of documents make workflow more efficient and require less effort.
  • Improved Customer ExperienceDigital signatures allow you to sign important documents wherever you are located, whether the customer is there or not.
  • SecurityDigital signatures lower the chance of document duplication or modification. Digital Signatures assure that signatures can be verified as authentic and valid.
  • ValidityDigital signatures are authentic and verify the signature. Digital Signatures can be used in court just like any other signed document.

Online filing is possible. You can submit your DSC application online at Online Legal India (TM). You can rely on our highly qualified CA/CS team to assist you in complying with the filings. Digital Signature CertificateFor those who want to start a business, a company, or any other type of organization, we offer budgeted services.



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