Sexual Harassment at Work Place

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Sexual Harassment at Work Place is any direct or indirect uninvited behavior at the workplace that is sexual in nature. This behavior can be either touching, hugging, request for sexual favors, referring someone with inappropriate sexual remarks, displaying sexual content, talking about someone’s sex life, or any other unwanted physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

Sexual harassment is a universal problem concerning all women in this world irrespective of the service that they are in, but the legal system is sleeping and so they fail in giving them security. It’s not all, women living in those countries should develop a legal system that faces other difficulties like being discharged out of work, ridiculed, societal influence or promises of coveted promotion, etc. that makes them left with no words. Sexual harassment is concerning male dominance over women and it is practiced to remind women that they are more vulnerable than men. In a society where brutality against women is posed just to show the patriarchal power operating in the community, these values of men pose the biggest challenge in curbing sexual harassment. Studies have shown that one out of every three working women is involved in sexual harassment.

Every country is suffering this problem now. No female worker is safe and a feeling of security is lacking in them. There are several developments in-laws of various countries to defend women workers from sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is rooted in cultural practices and is worsened by power connections at the workplace. Unless there is sufficient emphasis on sensitization at the workplace, legal developments are hardly possible to be successful. Workplaces want to frame their own extensive policies on how they will trade with sexual harassment. Instead of cobbling together representatives at the court’s intervention, a method and a route of redress should previously be in place.

sexual harassment involves such unwelcome sexually determined behavior as:

Physical contact and advances;

  1.  Demand for sexual favors;
  2.  Sexually colored remarks;
  3. Showing pornography;
  4.  Any other unwelcome physical manic or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature

India is a democratic country. All residents have the fundamental right to live with character under Article 21 of the law of India. But there is no law explicitly dealing with physical harassment. Laws are not able to give justice to the victims. There are many cases brought before the supreme court of India but all causes were not successful in laying fluff new laws for sexual harassment. In 1997, the Supreme court decided to lay down guidelines in Vishakha’s case. These guidelines were moderately successful because in this case supreme court argued that there is a demand for separate laws but it was not provided the required attention.

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