Areas of Practice


Labor Law is normally but erroneously known as the law that rules a particular kind of relationship, namely the relationship of employment. Such an offer yields overwhelming definitional problems, invites strategic direction, and opportunities for obsolescence of the field.


Corporate law is the body of law directing the interests, relations, and conduct of characters, company’s organization, and business. Essentially, It refers to the legal practice linking to, or the theory of corporations. Indian firm act is under Section 2(20) Indian Companies Act 2013.


Our IT & Cyber Lawyers in Delhi advises a range of clients from web-based companies to comprehensive technology firms with a global presence. The Professionals guide on electronic commerce, business process outsourcing, data protection, and call center-related matters.


Property Law Cases in Court May Take Too much of your precious time to get it fixed or even it can pass on to your next Ages and to its next Generations and so on, if not controlled by well-versed, efficient, and experienced Property attorney. If you are looking for such!! Then Consult Poonam Sharma we have Expert Property Law in Our team Who are forever ready to support.


Sexual Harassment at Work Place is any direct or indirect uninvited behavior at the workplace that is sexual in nature. This behavior can be either touching, hugging, request for sexual favors, referring someone with inappropriate sexual remarks, displaying sexual content, talking about someone’s sex life, or any other unwanted physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.


Family law is a practice area concerned with legal problems concerning family relationships, such as divorce, adoption, divorce, and child custody. Family Lawyers at Poonam Sharma typically manage divorce, child custody, child support, and other related legal matters. Our family attorneys specialize in adoption, emancipation, paternity, or another matter.


Intellectual property rights are a product of human mentality and the rights given to it provides its partner to benefit from the fruits of this intellectual effort by forming a monopoly over it. Such a case is not always a simple right but needs attention by a statute.


Criminal Law protects you against attacks on you, your family, and your property by another person. It deals with crime, defines criminal offenses and penalizes the offender. Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872 are three major Indian criminal laws.